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World Day of Social Justice

By VerityCU February 20, 2022 Community

February 20th gives the world an opportunity to celebrate society, unity, and respect for all. The World Day of Social Justice was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2007, wi ...

Romantic Scams

By VerityCU February 10, 2022

Valentine’s Day is a day for enjoying those closest to you. This is also the time of year when romantic scams and fraudulent activity are prevalent, especially during a time of increased online dating ...

February's Observations and Celebrations

By VerityCU February 01, 2022 Community

Happy February! As we transition into the next month of 2022 and the new year, based on the lunar calendar, we would like to acknowledge the celebrations and observances.  Below is a list of c ...

Celebrating Black History Month

By VerityCU February 01, 2022 Community

As February 1 marks the start to Black History month, we reflect, honor, and celebrate Black Americans contributions not only this month but 365 days a year. This year’s theme for Black History Month, ...

Everything You Need to Know: Balance Transfers

By VerityCU January 19, 2022 Financial education

Credit card balance transfers can be a bit confusing and frequently seem to be “too good to be true.” Well in some cases they can be, but in others they are exactly what you are reading. Our goal is t ...