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Find us in the community

Getting out and engaging with people is just another way we are promoting vibrant communities. Whether we are hosting a free Verity event at a branch, participating in an art walk, or hosting a booth at a community gathering, you’ll find it listed below. We hope to see you there! 

Verity events

There are currently no events coming up. Please check back soon for updates!

Art displays and art walks

Supporting access to local art is important to us so several of our branches regularly participate in community art walks. If you are a local artist interested in showing at our West SeattleBallardGreenwood or Wallingford locations, please contact the branch directly. 

Now showing in Ballard:

Minami Wrigley

Artist/Intaglio Printmaker

2012 BA Fine Arts, Arts University College Bournemouth 

2016 MA Printmaking, University of Arts London - Camberwell College of Arts 

The effect of personal experience and memory in shaping one’s perspective has always been a subject explored and reflected in Minami’s works. The elements of cartography are often used to make these connections through the media of drawing, watercolour and printmaking.  

Printmaking has a tendency to leave unexpected marks, forcing you to work with mistakes and finding a way to make it a part of the image. It can only be controlled to a certain point and the rest is left to be found out through the process. This is the journey Minami hopes to take the viewer on with her work of re-experienced memories, transforming them into a re-presentation of a new experience.  

Minami’s works can be viewed on her Instagram @minwrigley. 

She has a series of upcoming displays which are listed on this page as well as an ongoing collection at Venue, Ballard. 

 Additional works, editions and variations are available for purchase through direct contact and Etsy. 


Phone or Text: 206 471 9836 



Now showing in Greenwood:

Chris Thomas

Painting was new to me in 2019. I had never really delved in to any painting mediums in the past, other than watercolors when I was 3 years old. It started as a simple Wine & Paint Night with my fiancé and her two cousins that live in Seattle. We would go over to their place every week and have a lovely time just sipping drinks - whether it was White Claws or actual wine - and painting. This was my introduction to acrylic paint, and my subsequent interest in painting in general. 

Now, it's been about 2 years since I started painting. My style is my own, and I don't claim to be a part of any specific style or school of art. My content ranges from landscapes, to space, to Sci-Fi, surrealism, and much more. Influences on my work include Salvador Dali, Nick Flook, and René Magritte. 

As always, I appreciate your support and your patronage. I tend to fall in love with every piece I make, and sometimes find it hard to part ways with them. However, I find solace in knowing that someone else out there appreciates my art enough to care for it and hang it in their house. This makes it easier for me to part ways with my art (and makes my Fiancé happy too!). 

Much love, and happy painting! :)

To view more of Chris' work:


Instagram: @artofchristhomas

Now showing in Wallingford:

Jill Hall

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and spent equal amounts of time playing outside in my mom’s garden in the dirt and with crayons and paste. Sometimes the two worlds merged when I drew lady bugs having bunk beds on flower stems. I have a deep love for the natural world and plants. I travel when I can internationally when I can and have a bucket list item to visit every National Park in the USA. My artwork this year has been a study of my environment nearby as it has been so much of my world with the pandemic. I focused largely on things in my yard and seeing how much beauty really is so close. I’ve spent time this year learning more about watercolor and working more in a study fashion with my work. Creating my work and watching the brushstrokes come together is as satisfying for me as the end product at times. I’ve been listening to Elton John a lot this year when I paint. It feels so whole when I can concentrate and being in my art space and be inspired by music and nature. I hope that viewers will connect with a moment in time and the subject I paint to pause and consider their environment and the world we live in every day. There is so much beauty, color, and magnificence in the world around us if we slow down to look.

To see more of Jill's art visit!

Now showing in West Seattle:

Leon Lowman

"I was first introduced to painting with Acrylics as a teenager, by my high school art teacher. At first I painted Caribbean land and seascapes while growing up in Puerto Rico. I then slowly began experimenting in abstracts and collage. My focus is to create vibrant abstract compositions that reflect my past surroundings in the Caribbean - the contrast the strong sunlight creates, the open spaces, the freedom of the ocean breeze, and the joyous and spirited lifestyle that flows freely on the island. The challenge of creating an abstract composition that makes sense to the artist's eye brings excitement to the process of painting. Painting allows me the freedom to borrow from my past, experiment in a meaningful context, and paint in a way that reflects the way I feel about the world today."

Leon Lowman received his B.A. in Art Education from Inter American University of Puerto Rico, and his M.A. in Painting from University of Northern Iowa. His work has been exhibited extensively in the Pacific Northwest. He has been featured nationally at places such as, San Diego Art Institute, Florida State University Gallery, and the Iowa State Exhibition, among many others. He was featured in the American Painters in Paris Exhibition.

Reach out to the West Seattle branch for Leon's information.

Community events

Celebrating Dreams

We are proud to partner with this years' Celebrating Dreams event to celebrate the success of female entrepreneurship in the Pacific Northwest.

We encourage you to get tickets to attend and join in to support women-owned businesses in our community.

This event is happening on May 25th, 2023, from 6:00 – 8:00PM @ The Metropolist Seattle, 2931 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

Great Reasons to Tune In:

  • Discover new and rising women-owned businesses near you
  • Network and connect with incredible female entrepreneurs
  • Connect with community partners, resources, and more – all celebrating the power of female entrepreneurship.

Muse Fest: The Power of Women's Voices

Coming to the West Seattle Art Walk April 13th, 2023 we are joining together to celebrate music in a powerful way. Join us in celebrating the power of women's voices as us and several other businesses host amazing women artist.

We will be hosting Jean Mann, a lyric-driven alt-folk with an Americana twist artist who has been touring nationally since 2000. Come visit us from 5 - 8 pm!

Plate of Nations

What brings a community together better than a meal? From March 24 to April 9, food connoisseurs from all around are invited to attend the 12th Plate of Nations and experience an inclusive array of cultures and flavors at local, independently owned restaurants.

This year will feature 40 eateries in Southeast Seattle, offering an opportunity to taste Seattle's global scene from the East Coast to Eritrea and Vietnam to Somalia. 

For locations and a detailed list of restaurants, click below.

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