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Why Verity?

You have a choice in where you bank

At Verity Credit Union, we put people, planet and prosperity for all above the bottom line to make meaningful, positive and lasting change in our world. That means our members' deposits allow us to provide loans for individuals, families and small businesses in our communities. It means working together to create stronger, healthier, more sustainable communities by doing the right thing and making people-centric decisions. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and tell it like it is, we strive to be super honest and humble, we open up about what we’re doing as a member of the community and why, and we throw a good dose of optimism on top. Just being ourselves really.

If you want to change the world, take a closer look at where your bank is investing your deposits. Then choose banking for good, at Verity.

Our vision

Cooperative communities who dream boldly 

Our mission

Enhancing members’ lives by building trusted relationships and vibrant communities. 

Our values

Trust is earned each day 
Learning is lifelong; it never stops 
People come first, before the bottom line 
Teamwork is the foundation of our success 
Community engagement propels us forward 

Socially Responsible Banking

We’re part of a movement working to create stronger, healthier, more sustainable communities because we believe a financial institution can do good.

Community Impact

Members and staff help Verity make a positive impact in our communities.

Member Stories

See the ways we’ve helped members make a positive difference in their lives.

Impact Lending

As a socially-responsible financial institution, Verity takes care to ensure that a growing percentage of our loans are dedicated to the areas of social empowerment, environmental sustainability and economic resiliency. 

Our History

Verity has been helping Puget Sound residents since 1933, making it one of the first credit unions in Washington state. Our name has changed several times, but never because of a change in ownership or merger.

Annual Meeting

Each year, we invite members to join us in a discussion about the state of the credit union, providing transparency in how the credit union works. 

Annual Report

The annual report provides an overview of the previous year, including financials, as well as some insight into the direction Verity will take in the future. 

The Credit Union Difference

Credit unions are financial institutions offering deposit and loan services, just like banks. But they operate and support the greater community in very different ways.

Global Alliance for Banking on Values

Verity is a proud member of an international network of banks and cooperatives with a shared mission to use finance to deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental development. 

In the News

Articles, podcasts, press releases and more about Verity, our employees, and our members.

Banking for good

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