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Showing posts tagged: Pride

ABC's of Pride: Ally

By anthonyr June 30, 2022 Community

When you have an emotional piece of news (good or bad), think of the first friend that comes to mind that you would want to tell. Your go to, your confidante, your bestie–your ally. An ally is a co ...

Preservation and Education

By VerityCU June 8, 2022 Community

Being a long-time resident of Seattle, I have always felt very fortunate to live in a city with such a large number of spaces that were openly welcoming and celebrative of the gay community. While muc ...

A Primer On Pride

By VerityCU June 2, 2022 Community

Happy June, and happy Pride Month everyone! We have a lot to celebrate –  Last month, Greece became the latest country to ban conversion therapy for minors. In 2020, the ...

Lending a Hand: Verity Credit Union and Rainbow Hop

By VerityCU June 10, 2021 Community

The colorful window display at our Greenwood branch is back to celebrate Pride month and the importance of supporting strong and vibrant communities. Every year in June, the Greenwood and Phinney R ...

Pride History: the Stonewall Era

By VerityCU June 7, 2021 Community

With the beginning of Pride Month, it is a good opportunity to flip back a little bit and examine the beginnings of Pride and how and why it came to be. While Pride often focuses on progression and lo ...