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How Much Should You Save For Retirement

By VerityCU April 6, 2023 Financial education

In a perfect world, you would start saving for retirement with your very first paycheck and keep at it until the day you left your job some 40 years later. But not everyone works consistently.  A ...

The Basics of Retirement Accounts

By VerityCU April 6, 2023 Financial education

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the menu in a diner? One that goes on and on for pages — offering you everything from breakfast to dinner, 24-hours of the day? Retirement accounts aren’t all that di ...

Traditional vs. Roth IRA

By VerityCU September 29, 2020 Financial education

Authored by Gavin Chinn, CFS* advisor at Verity Credit Union It’s tax time again, and a great time to talk about IRA accounts. (as if there is a bad time to talk about IRA’s…) IRA’s (Individual Ret ...