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A Primer On Pride

By VerityCU June 02, 2022 Community

Happy June, and happy Pride Month everyone! We have a lot to celebrate –  Last month, Greece became the latest country to ban conversion therapy for minors. In 2020, the ...

June's Observations and Celebrations

By VerityCU June 01, 2022 Community

Happy June! As we transition into the next month of 2022 we would like to acknowledge the celebrations and observances.  Below is a list of celebrations and observances throughout June, as wel ...

Standing Together Against Hate

By VerityCU May 30, 2022 Community

Yet another mass shooting. Another community in pain, grieving the senseless loss of loved ones. Another time we as a nation look on in horror. The murders of elderly black men and women in Buffalo, N ...

Mental Health Awareness Month

By VerityCU May 12, 2022 Community

“How are you doing?” That is one of the most asked questions but also one of the most lied about answers. Why do we feel the need to tell everyone “I’m doing great” when we are actually not? Men ...

Celebrating Dreams

By VerityCU May 10, 2022 Community

Business ownership has historically been dominated by men in the U.S. Although the number of female entrepreneurs is increasing, their successes are often overlooked. That’s something the Washingto ...