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Member Stories

Verity's impact, direct from our members

Member feedback informs our ability to improve and enhance our services to our members every day. We love hearing and sharing stories of how Verity has impacted the community and our members. Here are a few of our favorites.

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Where Our Money is Used for Good

"We have absolutely loved this credit union. When my husband and I got married, we decided to close our other accounts and open a joint account with Verity. We have experienced friendly and helpful staff and service and have never been upsold products or accounts that don't fit our needs. We love being part of something local where our money is used for good. Could not recommend highly enough."

- Kaylee M. about Beacon Hill's Verity branch


Known by Name

"The employees at this bank have gone above and beyond to help with my banking needs, both business and personal. I have been with Verity for over 20 years, have 5 accounts there and my house mortgage. The manager and tellers know my name and even my kids names! They build community by hosting local music events and art shows."

- Anna D. about Greenwood's Verity branch


Patience and Understanding

“I went to the Beacon Hill branch a couple weeks ago… and was really pleased with my experience. I don’t go into the branch often. I was helped by Montel Smith. I came in with a request that could’ve been characterized as overly particular. Montel was really understanding and patient with me. I appreciated his calmness and overall non-judgmental demeanor when completing my request. It’s clear that he cares about delivering excellent customer service and making sure customers’ needs are addressed."

- Ashley S.


Saved From Pain and Stress

"I can't say enough good things about this wonderful branch. Reza is the best branch manager I have ever met in my life. He has saved me from a word of pain and stress :(. The attention, promptness, empathy, and attentiveness I have received from him has far surpassed even my closest of friends. If every branch had a "Reza", I feel Verity would take over the world. Give this man a raise!"

- Moses R. about Northgate's Verity branch


Using Mortgage to Support Community-Driven Mission

"How could this process have been more enjoyable? Nothing you could have done to make it better. We did not shop for mortgages, we did not shop for brokers, etc. I knew the moment we were going to buy a home, I was going to through Verity (CUHMS) for a few reasons: 1) I am lazy and all of my accounts are with Verity and this is way easy. 2) Verity and CUHMS are awesome community driven FIs and I don't care that my interest rate is hither or fees were higher because I would rather give my money to awesome places like this than some giant company with only profits in mind."

- Amanda H.


Quick Service

"Just completed a HELOC with Verity, and honestly I was amazed at how fast it was, how easy it was, and the service levels. Really just a great experience, all.... 3 business days of it LOL I said it was quick!"

- John H.


Neighborhood Support

"Awesome, helpful, local banking institution. Thank you for being in the neighborhood and so easily accessible."

- Sean K. about Greenwood's Verity branch


Thanks From a New Member

"I reached out to start up an account with Verity after an unfortunate racial incident and microaggression from my current credit union. I have family members who bank with Verity and recommended I review and research it as an alternative. Since my communication with a staff member at the Greenwood branch, I am affirmed in my decision to switch credit unions and have Verity care for my financial transitions, health and future. The staff member provided prompt service and answered all my questions for my personal banking needs, as well as provided additional information for the nonprofit I work with (and is looking to transfer our accounts as well to Verity). Thank you for living your truth with actions and making my transition without headaches or hardships."

- Elizabeth L.


Social Media Shout Out

"This financial institution is bar none, the best! Reliable services but more importantly, awesome people! My banking is personal in nature, and I want to know they have my back. And they do! I thank each and every employee who’ve gone above and beyond. During this pandemic this credit union kept me feeling secure about my financial matters, and they cared. You will be glad to give them a try."

-Tina M.


Leadership Preparatory Academy

When Washington’s schools were ordered closed to slow the spread of the coronavirus, it threw an unexpected curveball to the team at the Leadership Preparatory Academy, a micro-school serving middle and high school students in Seattle and Kirkland.  

“We have a number of kids who have been in residential treatment for anxiety,” said Dr. Maureen O’Shaughnessy, Founder and Executive Director. “We are in unchartered territory, and sometimes screens and home learning are a source of stress.”  

O’Shaughnessy and her staff worked full time, full throttle to build an engaging online platform for their 45 students. But creating the program was only part of the challenge. The academy is not taxpayer funded. Keeping bills paid might have meant borrowing from next year’s tuitions – had it not been for the academy’s board chair who had heard about the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program.  

O’Shaughnessy, a member of Verity Credit Union, reached out right away and was pleasantly surprised when Tina Narron, the Chief Lending Officer, reached back to work with her all weekend long until the loan was approved.   

“Tina nailed it,” O’Shaughnessy said. “We are on our feet trying to be as nimble as possible. Having Verity’s team work over the weekend for us was so appreciated. The service is amazing.”  

As a result, the academy will keep paying teachers’ salaries and benefits, and the rent, while continuing to educate their students.  

- Dr. Maureen O'Shaughnessy, Founder and Executive Director of Leadership Preparatory Academy.


High Praise from a Longtime Member

I have used Verity since 2008 and can’t say enough good things. I went into the Ballard branch today because of a check ordering issue (check company sent to a wrong address). The manager took care of everything—stopped all those missing checks, refunded the check fee, let me know that they will print checks 12 at a time for you for free, and all with a smile. Now I don’t have to get a new account and change all my auto-pays. I pay businesses and individuals online in a snap, get my ATM fees refunded, and always get a quick response online via chat or message. Great place to do business! 

-Dana B.


Country Doctor

Country Doctor Community Health Centers (CDCHC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that operates two main clinic sites, Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center and Country Doctor Community Clinic, as well as its new After-Hours Clinic at Swedish Cherry Hill campus. 

Executive Directory Raleigh Watts came to Verity during the pandemic when the organization’s bank was not able to process their loan application in a timely manner for the Payroll Protection Plan. Verity was able to process and approve their loan quickly.  

“Country Doctor has maintained its 175 staff through the crisis thanks to a PPP loan from Verity Credit Union. Instead of layoffs, Country Doctor reassigned staff to new duties as workload needs shifted. For example the discontinuation of routine dental services meant that Country Doctor’s dentists were able to help with COVID-19 outreach in homeless shelters. By keeping all staff on duty, Country Doctor has been able to remain agile in its response and prepared for a surge of need.” 

-Raleigh Watts, Executive Director of Country Doctor 


A Hand-Written Note 

“Dear Verity Employees, 

I just wanted to take the opportunity to show my sincere appreciation during this difficult time. Every time I’ve needed excellent service, you’ve provided it. I’ve never really cared for banks. However, when I enter your doors, it feels like family. May each of you stay healthy and be blessed. Thank you.” 

-Tina M.  


Fulfilling Homeownership Dreams

Member Bruce H., a 69 year-old Navy veteran, finally owns his own home, thanks to a conversation with a Verity staff member. 

Bruce has been a member of Verity for decades (back to when the credit union was known as NW Federal). And during that time, he was perfectly happy with his financial situation—he was renting a house that he liked and was hoping to eventually buy, he had enough money for his daily expenditures, and was just going along. But during the pandemic, as housing prices started really soaring and inventory dried up, Bruce was faced with a dilemma—his landlord was finally ready to sell the house Bruce had been living in for 20 years, but Bruce couldn’t afford it.

As he started looking around and realized he wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford buying a house in the Seattle area. After talking with a longtime Verity staff member and learning more about his mortgage options, Bruce realized that he was a perfect candidate for a VA Loan. He was quickly connected to Verity’s mortgage partner, Credit Union Home Mortgage Solutions (co-owned by Verity and Harborstone credit unions) and loan officer Sterling, who walked Bruce through every step of the VA Loan process, which can be a bit more cumbersome than other mortgage loans due to it being a federal program. Sterling even connected Bruce to a real estate agent in Ocean Shores, which is where Bruce was looking for a home after being priced out of Seattle.

“My experience has taught me how important an agent and lending officer are. I think things were so well done because of Sterling and Kelly (real estate agent),” Bruce said. “And without them things could have been a lot more difficult. It is vitally important to have an agent and lending officer that is working for you in a very personal way—that is, not treating you as another number or just another customer. They are able to go the extra step to assure you that you get what you are looking for.”

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