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Our History

Our name has changed over the years, but helping people is still our core mission

Most every credit union shares a similar story about their early beginnings. Credit unions in the United States started in the early 1900s as a way for groups of individuals to come together and share their resources to help their neighbors in times of need. Verity first began in 1933, one year prior to President Roosevelt signing the Federal Credit Union Act into law, making it the second oldest credit union in Washington. In those early days, we served postal workers and eventually expanded to all federal employees. Over the past 80+ years, our name has changed several times, but never because of a change in ownership or a merger—simply to more accurately reflect who we serve.


1933       Credit Union first formed as Postal Employees Credit Union #8 

c. 1946   Expanded the field of membership to all federal employees; name changed to NW Federal Employees Credit Union 

1971       Switched to a federal charter 

1996       Moved to the current headquarters building and opened the Northgate branch 

2000        Added the Beacon Hill community to our field of membership and opened the Beacon Hill branch 

2002        Expanded field of membership to all of Washington state; name changed to Verity Credit Union 

2003       Alderwood branch opened 

2004        Auburn branch opened 

2007        Wallingford branch opened 

2015        Ballard and Greenwood branches opened 

2017        Verity joined the Global Alliance for Banking on Values 

2018        West Seattle branch opened 

2019        Signed the Climate Change Commitment

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