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By VerityCU February 13, 2023 Technology

At Verity, we are continually listening for feedback about our products and services so that we can co-create solutions to improve members’ financial lives. We’ve heard the calls to make handling finances even easier in the digital age and are excited to announce the following enhancements: Mobile Thumb Bar, Mobile Quick Balance, Login/Account Recovery, and Credit Card Issuance. We will go into detail on each new feature as the blog rolls on.

Mobile Thumb Bar:  As you might recall, our menu to deposit checks, transfer funds and much more was originally on the left side of the screen. We have now added some hot buttons that are easily accessed with your thumb, improving navigation on handheld devices and offering quick access to the most frequently used features:; transfer funds, deposit checks and messages. And, if you need to access the full main menu, it’s now available in the lower right corner of the screen. See image below for a visual representation of the new feature.

Mobile Quick Balance: You ever find yourself in a situation, maybe at a restaurant or gas station, when you need to quickly know what your checking and savings balance is? With the new mobile quick balance feature you can check your account balances without having to log in! The added convenience, and additional 30 seconds given back to your day, will make it that much easier to handle your finances on the go. Because this feature displays potentially sensitive information, you will need to log into your Digital Banking app and turn it on (Settings and Alerts > Quick Balance). Once you enable it, you can see up to the first 5 accounts and balances at the bottom of the app login screen.

Account and Login Recovery:  These days, many people have a million username and passwords and not enough brain space to keep track of them all. And because we are human, we all forget login credentials from time to time. Now if you have forgotten your password, your username, or locked yourself out Digital Banking because you were trying all the possible combinations, you can regain access yourself!

  • Forgot your password? Click the “forgot password” link from Verity’s website header or Digital Banking app login screen.

Forgot your username, or locked yourself out of Digital Banking? Click the “Login Recovery” link from Verity’s website header or Digital banking app login screen. There will be security questions and answers needed, and if those seem to feel like a math test, you can always give us a call!

(Add in screenshot of link locations on website header too)


Credit Card Digital Issuance: Last but definitely not least, you can now access your credit card electronically when a new card may be on the way or otherwise not available, helping you an inconvenient moment strikes. This is feature is only available through the Verity Credit Card app, so it will be separate from your Digital Banking app. This enhancement means you can access your credit card funds even during a fraud claim or a lost card without needing to wait for the physical card to arrive. You now have the ability to access your cards full details, including card number, CVV and expiration date, and easily add your card to a digital wallet, all from the credit card app. And these new features are in addition to the card controls that are already available in the credit card app, including turning your card “off” in the event you’ve misplaced it.

These are just some of the ways we’re challenging the “norm” and being intentional in reviewing our services and everything we do at Verity. Some changes may be small, like quickly accessing your card when you lost it, and others may be big, like changing our Overdraft Protection Program so it’s not oppressive to those who can least afford the fees. We invite you to continue to partner with us and provide feedback about how we can make shifts at Verity to be more inclusive and helpful with our products and services so that you can thrive in your financial life.