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Manage your finances any time, any place

We know you can’t always do your banking during business hours. That’s why we provide digital tools to help you accomplish your financial needs, whether it be the middle of the afternoon or the wee hours of the morning. 

Digital Banking

Take care of your finances wherever you are. Use a desktop computer, mobile device, web browser or app—it doesn’t matter which way you access Digital Banking, you will always have the same experience. And if you have business accounts with us, you can manage them at the same time as your personal accounts, saving you time and money. Explore all Digital Banking can do for you.

Download the app today! 

Credit card mobile app

Manage your credit card on the go. You can review transactions, make payments, set alerts, dispute charges, and even turn your card “off” if you misplace it (and back “on” when you find it). Download the app today!

Bill payment tools

Digital Banking users can easily pay bills through our traditional Bill Pay or directly to billers through our bill aggregator tool, allowing you to control all of your recurring expenses from one place. 

When you use Bill Pay, you can control when you pay your bills and see a record of your past payments. Just set up your various billers once and you’re set. Plus, you can set up eBills with some billers so that you’re reminded of when the bill is due and how much to pay, all without looking at your mail. 

With the Bill Aggregator tool, you can connect directly to many companies for which you have an online profile. Then you can pay them in real time. Plus, the system reminds you of when your bills are due and how much you owe at any given time.  

Enroll in Digital Banking today to start exploring and using our bill payment tools.

Need support with Bill Pay? Contact the Bill Pay support line at (866) 752-8991.

Send money with Zelle

Zelle is a fast, safe, and easy way to send money to friends and family

Don’t worry about giving a friend cash or writing a check—if you know their email address or phone number and their financial institution offers Zelle, you can send them money electronically even if they don’t have accounts with Verity.  

To send money to someone, log in to Digital Banking and look for the “Send Money With Zelle” link. Go through the enrollment process and you’re set! 

The recipient will receive a text message or email with instructions on how to claim the money you sent. It’s that easy! 

Enroll in Digital Banking today to start exploring and using our bill payment tools. 

Need help? Check out the Zelle page or contact us. And if you're ready to get started, enroll in Digital Banking today to start sending money with Zelle. 

Card Swap—update your payment card

We know it’s annoying when you get a new credit or debit card number or when your current card expires, and you have to remember to update it with multiple online shopping and subscription services. 

With Card Swap, available in Digital Banking under the “Update payment card” link, you can update your card information with multiple national retailers and subscription services at once. Just select the companies you work with, link your card, and then you can easily update it in minutes when your information changes. 

Enroll in Digital Banking today to start exploring. 

Make a loan payment online

Looking to pay your Verity loan with an account or card from another financial institution? You can easily make the loan payment online through our secure site.

  • Free: Pay directly from a checking or savings account with your account and routing number
  • $10 fee: Pay with a debit or credit card; the fee will be added to the amount due

This option is available for the following loan types:

  • Auto
  • Fixed 2nd mortgage
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
  • Personal loan
  • Ready Money Line of Credit
  • Share/Certificate loan
  • Home mortgage loan

You will need to know your Verity loan account number in order to pay online. Payments made online will post within 2 business days.

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