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How Credit Scores Work

By VerityCU October 26, 2020 Financial education

Your credit score is an important factor in mortgage qualification. It will determine if you are qualified and how much you will pay in interest to borrow money. Generally, a higher score will qualify ...

Traditional vs. Roth IRA

By VerityCU September 29, 2020 Financial education

Authored by Gavin Chinn, CFS* advisor at Verity Credit Union It’s tax time again, and a great time to talk about IRA accounts. (as if there is a bad time to talk about IRA’s…) IRA’s (Individual Ret ...

Organizing Your Finances

By VerityCU September 29, 2020 Financial education

Organizing your finances is a big undertaking. Here are three easy tips to get your finances in order to prepare for homeownership. 1) Plan and Direct Tell your money where to go with a zero-bas ...

Budgeting 101

By VerityCU September 29, 2020 Financial education

Authored by Charnell Morud, Verity’s financial coach Budgeting – the dreaded task of committing to yourself to handling your finances better, or at least know where your money goes each month. But, ...

Wire transfers - everything you need to know

By VerityCU September 01, 2020 Financial education

When you need to move large sums of money quickly and securely, a wire transfer may be exactly what you're looking for. And Verity is here to help! Most people don't need to perform wire transfers ...