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Student Loan Pause Ending Soon

By VerityCU October 22, 2021 Financial education

The pause on student loan interest and payments that was provided through the CARES Act for Federal student loans will end on January 31, 2022.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) re ...

How Financial Institution's Work, and Are They Working With You?

By VerityCU October 06, 2021 Financial education

Banks and credit unions have been promoted as being entirely different from one another. While it’s true the goals and motivations are very different, the way they operate is similar. Movies and TV ha ...

Your Credit Card Can Help Your Credit Score

By VerityCU July 16, 2021 Financial education

For some people, “credit card” is an evil term, bringing to mind high interest rates and skyrocketing debt. But, having a credit card can be incredibly beneficial to your overall financial life. Not o ...

Starting your child on the right financial path

By VerityCU March 23, 2021 Financial education

Responsibility, goal-setting and independence. Youth accounts may just seem like a place to set aside money for your child, but they can teach valuable life skills, too! Children who build healthy ...

How Credit Scores Work

By VerityCU October 26, 2020 Financial education

Your credit score is an important factor in mortgage qualification. It will determine if you are qualified and how much you will pay in interest to borrow money. Generally, a higher score will qualify ...