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Taking a Stand Against Anti-Semitic Hate

By VerityCU July 14, 2021 About verity

Assault, harassment and violence against Jewish people is not new in our history, and with recent increases in violence, many people in the Jewish community are left feeling more vulnerable than they have in decades. At Verity, we stand in solidarity with the Jewish community and universally condemn of all forms of hate-motivated violence and discrimination driven by race, heritage, religion, gender or sexual orientation in our communities.

We want our employees, members and neighbors within the Jewish community to know that we empathize with the fear and pain they are feeling, and we lend our voices to the demand for an end to hate in our neighborhoods and our country as a whole.

At Verity, we will continue to raise our voices as we learn to become an ally to communities that have faced violence and discrimination, so we can provide stronger support to our employees, members and neighbors who have been or continue to be subjected to discrimination. We encourage our members and community partners to do the same. Verity is clearly committed to cooperative communities where all members are treated equitably.

To report incidents of hatred or violence against the Jewish community, please contact your local authorities. You can also file reports with the Anti-Defamation League Pacific Northwest. Additional support is available through Jewish Family Services and the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.