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October's Observations and Celebrations

By VerityCU October 01, 2021 Community

Welcome to October!

As a socially-responsible financial institution, we want to do more than simply provide robust financial services—we also want to make a positive difference in our communities.

One way we can do this is by helping elevate topics that are important to a variety of communities. So each month, we will provide a monthly overview of celebrations and observances that are culturally or socially significant to Verity’s diverse communities.  

Below is a list of celebrations and observances throughout October, as well as links to government or nonprofit websites that help provide more education on each topic.


Month-long Observances & Celebrations


Daily Observances & Celebrations

  • Saturday, October 2nd – International Day of Non-Violence: A day to reflect on the philosophy and strategy of non-violence. Learn more at the UN website.  
  • Sunday, October 10th – World Mental Health Day: A day to reflect on our mental health and the care available for others. Visit the World Health Organization's site to learn more.
  • Monday, October 11th – National Coming Out Day: Learn more at the Human Rights Campaign site.
  • Monday, October 11th – Indigenous People’s Day: A day to reflect on the history of the Americas. Learn more from the National Museum of the American Indian, and celebrate with us for Community Learning Day.
  • Friday, October 15th – White Cane Safety Day (Blind Awareness Day): A day to reflect and learn more about those who are totally or partially blind in our communities. Learn more at the Braille Institute.
  • Sunday, October 17th – Spirit Day (LGBTQIAA+ anti-bullying): Stand against bullying within the LGBTQ community. GLAAD provides more information.
  • Sunday, October 24th – 30th – Asexual Awareness Week: Learn about and support those in the community. Visit Ace Week to learn more.

We acknowledge that we may not have listed every celebration and observance that is important to you and your community. If you have a suggestion for inclusion, please email