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Microgrant Recipient - Nakani Native Program

By VerityCU September 1, 2022 Microgrant

At Verity, part of our mission is building vibrant communities, and one way we do that is through our microgrant program. These small grants are available for projects that advance community wellbeing in the Greater Seattle area. Applications are accepted year round and grants are awarded twice yearly. We recently selected our spring 2022 microgrant recipients and are excited to share about each project and organization as part of our new microgrant series.

Our third highlighted recipient is the Nakani Native Program. Nakani Native Program is an organization founded and led by members of the Pacific Northwest Native Communities. In recognition of the deep cultural conflict that exists between mainstream society and Native Americans, their work builds and strengthens Native leadership, provides support for Native health and welfare, and bridges gaps to promote equity and social justice for all.

In recent years, Nakani Native Program has been an invaluable resource for Covid response, including the procurement and distribution of face masks (many made by Native craftspeople on reservations), emergency food supplies, rent assistances, and the production of educational presentations on traditional medicine practices.

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