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Showing posts tagged: Socially responsible banking

Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis

By VerityCU March 2, 2022 Community

We stand in solidarity with everyone working to support the victims of conflict and the pursuit of peace in Ukraine, and echo the pain of our neighbors who are concerned about loved ones in Europe. As ...

Credit Unions Supporting Affordable Housing

By VerityCU September 2, 2021 Community

Earlier today I attended a ground breaking for a new affordable housing project—the Solera Project in Renton, is located in an area that has seen a lot of gentrification, forcing many working fam ...

Introducing a new referral program

By VerityCU May 19, 2021 Referrals

Growing our membership is always a priority for us because the more members we have, the bigger the impact we’re able to make in our communities. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new referral p ...

Why referrals matter

By VerityCU February 8, 2021 Referrals

The strength of credit unions lies in our membership. We use our members’ funds on deposit to fund local businesses and provide loans, and the more members we have, the more funds we can lend out and ...

Socially Responsible Banking: Doing what’s right for people, planet and prosperity

By VerityCU January 22, 2021 About verity

Ever wonder what happens to your money when you deposit it into a bank or credit union? Do you picture each branch with a huge vault, filled with stacks of cash just sitting there waiting for their ow ...