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Your Credit Card Can Help Your Credit Score

By VerityCU July 16, 2021 Financial education

For some people, “credit card” is an evil term, bringing to mind high interest rates and skyrocketing debt. But, having a credit card can be incredibly beneficial to your overall financial life. Not o ...

How Credit Scores Work

By VerityCU October 26, 2020 Financial education

Your credit score is an important factor in mortgage qualification. It will determine if you are qualified and how much you will pay in interest to borrow money. Generally, a higher score will qualify ...

5 Questions to Consider When Refinancing Your Mortgage

By VerityCU September 29, 2020 Home loans

So, you’re thinking about refinancing your mortgage. Great! It’s certainly a good time to take advantage of the falling rates. But how do you know if you’re in position to refinance, or if now is the ...

Mortgage Loan Process

By VerityCU September 29, 2020 Home loans

If your picture of the mortgage loan process includes stacks of papers, spreadsheets, tax forms and a credit history that goes back to your newspaper route at age 12, some perspective might be in orde ...