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Banking on Values Day 2022

By VerityCU November 08, 2022 Financial education

We celebrate this occasion every year as it is intertwined in our mission and values. While we at Verity “bank on values” every day of the year, Banking on Values Day is an annual celebration by the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV). This year Banking on Values Day is November 10 and the purpose is to spread awareness of this incredible movement by using #BankingonValues. The GABV is a group of 62 financial institutions (including Verity) and 16 supporting partners from around the world who believe we can make a positive difference. There are 6 principles that we as an organziation live by:

Triple bottom line approach – This means that People, Planet and Prosperity are the heart of why we do business and carry this through each account and loan.

Real economy – We are formed through the local economy and strive to help each member of our community day after day.

Long-term resiliency – As a credit union, we are self-sustaining through our long term outlook approach and are resilient to outside disruptions.

Transparency – We don’t hide anything about us! We are an open book, whether its fees in an account or what we talk about during our annual meetings. You can count on us to tell you the truth.

Client centered – Dedication to long term relationships with a clear understanding of what the economy is doing and how we can help.

Culture – This isn’t just for our members, we treat our employees with the same principles and respect as we do to anyone we come in contact with.

Each year, we are proud to speak about our commitment to growth and change within the financial industry, and we urge you and others to seek out institutions looking to make this same type of change. To learn more about what Verity is doing in the space, visit our GABV (Global Alliance for Banking on Values) page. For further information about the Banking on Values Day, click here. We look forward to sharing more information in the future throughout our partnership.