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Digital Banking

Access your accounts any time, any place

Reliable digital banking is a necessity, allowing you to access and manage your money from wherever you are. With Verity's digital banking system, you can spend less time worrying about your finances and more time living your vibrant life.

Easy money management from anywhere

Enjoy the same access from a web browser or the app, making it easy to handle your finances from any device or location.

Digital Banking gives you the tools to easily control your accounts. 

  • Tools for budgeting, paying friends, business account management and more
  • Connect accounts from other financial institutions to see your full financial picture in one place
  • Send payments to friends, billers and other accounts
  • Dispute suspected fraudulent transactions 
  • View statements and account details
  • Securely email Verity staff with specific questions about your accounts

Enroll in Digital Banking

You can easily enroll in Digital Banking any timewhether your accounts are brand new or you've had them for years.

Questions? Contact us and we're happy to help.

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Easily access Digital Banking from your phone or tablet.

Digital Banking features and tools

Explore some of the tools available to you in Digital Banking, all of them designed to make it easier to manage your full financial life.

  • Bill payment tools

    Digital Banking users can easily pay bills through our traditional Bill Pay or directly to billers through our bill aggregator tool, allowing you to control all of your recurring expenses from one place. 

    When you use Bill Pay, you can control when you pay your bills and see a record of your past payments. Just set up your various billers once and you’re set. Plus, you can set up eBills with some billers so that you’re reminded of when the bill is due and how much to pay, all without looking at your mail. 

    With the Bill Aggregator tool, you can connect directly to many companies for which you have an online profile and pay your bills in real time. Plus, the system reminds you of when your bills are due and how much you owe at any given time.  

    Enroll in Digital Banking today to start exploring and using our bill payment tools.

    Need support with Bill Pay? Contact the Bill Pay support line at (866) 752-8991.

  • Zelle®

    Zelle® is a fast, safe, and easy way to send money to friends and family

    Don’t worry about giving a friend cash or writing a check—if you know their email address or phone number and their financial institution offers Zelle, you can send them money electronically even if they don’t have accounts with Verity.  

    To send money to someone, log in to Digital Banking and look for the “Send Money With Zelle®” link. Go through the enrollment process and you’re set! 

    The recipient will receive a text message or email with instructions on how to claim the money you sent. It’s that easy! 

    Enroll in Digital Banking today to start using Zelle®. 

  • Card Swap - update your payment card

    We know it’s annoying when you get a new credit or debit card number or when your current card expires, and you have to remember to update it with multiple online shopping and subscription services. 

    With Card Swap, available in Digital Banking under the “Update payment card” link, you can update your card information with multiple national retailers and subscription services at once. Just select the companies you work with and link your card. Then, you can easily update it in minutes when your information changes. 

    Enroll in Digital Banking today to start exploring. 

  • Credit reporting tool - stay on top of your credit

    Verity offers a comprehensive free credit score program to help you stay on top of your credit. Get your latest credit score, plus an understanding of key factors that impact the score, and see the most up-to-date offers that will help you reduce your interest expense.

    With this program, you always know where you stand with your credit and how Verity can help save you money.

    With the credit score tool, you can:

    • View your estimated credit score for free
    • See what areas of your financial life are positively and negatively impacting your credit score
    • Review Verity loan products that may be of interest to you
    • Compare your current loans with Verity's offerings and calculate how much money you can save if you move the loan to Verity

    You can use the credit score tool in Digital Banking—it's located on the right side of the page (or under the "More" menu through the Verity Digital Banking app). To get started, click the "Check Your Score for Free" button. After you enroll, you can view your score every time you log in to Digital Banking. 

    If you need assistance, please contact us.

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