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Shared Branching

Access your Verity accounts from other credit unions in the Co-op Solutions network

While we love to see you, we know a personal visit won’t always work with your schedule. Fortunately, you can enjoy in-person service without going to a Verity branch. We’re part of the national Co-Op Solutions Shared Branch Network. That means any participating CO-OP institution can meet your needs face-to-face, from depositing checks to making loan payments.

Shared Branching Essentials

  • Access your accounts across the country—all you need is your photo ID and account number 
  • Withdrawals are limited to 2 over the course of 2 days; limits on withdrawal amounts depend on the Shared Branching location
  • Get personal assistance from friendly staff 
  • Enjoy the same services available at your local branch 
    • Make deposits 
    • Transfer funds 
    • Make loan payments (except for credit card payments)
    • Withdraw cash 
    • Make account inquiries 

Shared Branching at Verity 

If your financial institution is part of the Co-op Solutions Shared Branch network, Verity can take care of your banking needs. Just be sure to bring your account number and photo ID. 

Verity branches offering full Shared Branching teller services: 

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