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Identification for Membership

To be eligible for membership at Verity, you must live, work or worship in the State of Washington. Verity is required to follow federal regulations that verify your identity and safeguard all members. We will ask you to provide a valid form of identification, and in some circumstances, address verification documents. Check out the table below for acceptable types of identification and documentation so you can be prepared when you go online or visit a branch to open your accounts. 

Primary Identification
Secondary Identification  Address Verification 
  Two forms of secondary ID required if using an ID card for primary identification Required if using an ID card or if your primary ID does not include your current address
  • Unexpired state driver's license (any state) 
  • Unexpired state ID card (2 forms secondary ID and address verification also required) 
  • Temporary ID with an accompanying expired ID
  • Passport 
  • Resident alien card 
  • Military ID 
  • Matricula Consular — Certificate of Consular Registration 
  • Credit card or debit card bearing person's name 
  • Student ID 
  • Government employee ID 
  • Veteran's Administration badge (accepted at the Beacon Hill VA campus branch only) 
  • Concealed weapons permit or gun permit 
  • Medical insurance card 
  • Auto insurance policy or card 
  • Cable bill 
  • Electric bill 
  • Garbage bill 
  • Lease agreement 
  • Gas bill 
  • Mortgage statement 
  • Phone bill (landline only, no cell phone bills) 
  • Sanitation bill 
  • Tuition bill 
  • Vehicle registration 
  • Voter registration card 


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