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Success Stories

Caitlin's Testimonial

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This Seattle-based pediatric audiologist came to Verity Credit Union for a car loan. What she got was so much more. Listen as Caitlin shares how Verity showed her that with local banking, she truly matters.

Verity Business Profile — Illuminata Art Glass Design

Illuminata Art Glass Design

Glass artist Julie Conway is owner/designer of Illuminata Art Glass Design. In this Verity business member profile, Julie talks with television host Nancy Guppy about her latest commission, her love of fire and the thrill of making glass.

Verity Business Profile — My World Dance and Fitness


In this Verity Credit Union business profile, Suzanne Simmons, owner of My World Dance and Fitness, talks to television host Nancy Guppy about dance. Suzanne's desire to share her love of dance was her inspiration to open My World Dance and Fitness. At My World, Suzanne welcomes dancers of all levels offering classes with a "world flavor" for adults and children.



Verity business account holder Amy Lang is the founder of Birds+Bees+Kids, a Seattle company that helps parents and others learn how to talk to children about sex. In this Verity Credit Union video, Amy and TV host Nancy Guppy discuss the art of talking with your kids about the birds and bees.

Wandering Ear Productions

Wandering Ear Productions

Verity business account holder and audio engineer, Kelsey Wood, is the sole proprietor of Wandering Ear Productions. In this Verity video series, he chats with Nancy Guppy about his work as a production sound mixer.

Behind the Scenes

The Making of a Verity Credit Union Chalkboard

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Watch Tanner Hatch, Graphic Designer at Verity Credit Union, as he creates a custom chalkboard for Verity's Drive Happy campaign.