Home Equity



Cover a variety of one-time or recurring expenses:

  • Home improvement
  • Debt reduction
  • Tuition payments
  • Hospital bills
  • And more!

Are you ready for financial relief?

Freedom from financial stress is closer than you think. Tap into the value of your home to finance a wide variety of needs. Use a lump-sum loan to pay for one-time expenses, or open a home equity line of credit (HELOC) to cover recurring costs. Our friendly lending experts will help you find the best solution for your unique situation.

Home Equity Loan Features

  • Competitively low, fixed-interest rates
  • Use the value of your home to secure funds
  • Funds available for practically any purpose, including:
    • Home improvement
    • Debt elimination
    • Tuition payments and more!

Home Equity Loan Management

  • Choose a 5-,10-, or 15-year term
  • No annual fees
  • Local Seattle home equity loan decisions
  • Trusted personal service
  • Make a loan payment online
  • Plus, home equity lines of credit (HELOC) also available!
Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)

Put your money where it matters most with a home equity line of credit. Cover nearly every kind of recurring cost, from medical bills to college tuition and pay interest ONLY on what you spend. Save money and time by cutting out paperwork — apply once and access your entire credit limit up to 10 years!

HELOC Features

  • 2.99% APR* for the first 12 months**
  • Competitively low, variable-interest rates
  • Credit lines range from $10,000 to $250,000
  • Credit limit as high as 90% of your home's equity

HELOC Management

  • Borrow purchase-by-purchase up to your credit limit
  • Access your line of credit for up to 10 years, no need to re-apply
  • Low $40 annual fee
  • Local Seattle home equity line of credit decisions
  • Trusted personal service

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. 2.99% introductory APR for the first 12 billing months after the account is opened. The APR is variable and may be subject to change during the term of the loan; the lowest possible APR during the life of the loan (“the floor”) is 4.00% APR and the highest possible APR (“the ceiling”) is 15.00%. Introductory APR applies only to new accounts and not to the refinance of an existing HELOC. Verity HELOCs incur a $40 annual fee on anniversary dates and a reconveyance fee at pay-off. Member pays appraisal costs if an appraisal is needed; standard cost is $680 or more depending on property. Available for qualified borrowers only. Early closure fee: if your account is paid in full and closed within 24 months of opening, you will be charged the lesser of $350 or 2% of the initial credit limit. Home Equity early disclosure.

**Intro rate not available on investment properties. 

Protect Your Family from Debt with EquitySafe

Keep your family’s finances safe despite unforeseen circumstances. Add EquitySafe Debt Protection to an open-ended home equity line of credit (HELOC). Find relief in the face of accidental death, disability, or involuntary unemployment.

Contact us at (800) 444-4589 for details on cost, benefits, terms and conditions, and eligibility requirements.

EquitySafe Debt Protection is provided by Minnesota Life Insurance Company.