Furlough Loans



Two ways to enjoy financial relief:

  1. Furlough loans for periods of unpaid leave
  2. Skip payments on existing Verity loans

Are you ready to lighten your financial load?

Make hard times easier with funding for periods of unpaid leave. Competitively low rates keep debt from piling up. Defer the first payment on your furlough loan up to 60 days. And free up money for more pressing needs — skip a payment on an existing Verity loan. Contact our local lending experts today.

Loan Features

  • Available to Federal employees
  • Funding for periods of unpaid leave
    • Ask what situations qualify
  • Competitively low, fixed interest rates
  • Borrow as much as your latest paycheck

Loan Management

  • First payment deferred up to 60 days
  • Local Seattle loan decisions
  • Skip a payment on existing Verity loans
  • Make a loan payment online
  • Trusted personal service
Find Out How Much You Can Borrow

Members who have their payroll direct deposited with Verity can receive a furlough loan no greater than the amount typically direct deposited into their account.

Members who do not have their payroll direct deposited with Verity may be granted a loan no greater than the net amount shown on their most recent paystub.

Skip Your Next Verity Loan Payment

Give your budget some breathing room. Existing Verity loans have the option to skip a payment (excluding mortgages, home equity loans, and Ready Money lines of credit).

Are you requesting a furlough loan and in need of extra help? Just ask. You m ay be eligibile for additional skip payments or a skip payment fee waiver. 

To request skipping a payment, please call the Member Service Center at (206) 440-9000.