Make a Loan Payment


You have a loan with Verity—congratulations! When it comes time to make your loan payment, you have several options of how to do so:  

Automatic Payments

Have your loan payment automatically deducted from an account at a financial institution of your choice. With automatic payments, you don’t have to worry about remembering to pay your bill and you know it will be received on time.

To set up automatic payments, fill out and return the automatic payment form. Please note it can take up to 10 days for the automatic payments to take effect.

Pay in Online Branch

If you’re making your loan payments from your Verity account, you can easily do so in Online Branch. Just click the “Payments” tab and then “Loan Payments”.

Pay with a credit or debit card from another financial institution

If you’re interested in paying with a credit or debit card that was not issued by Verity, you can do so online by clicking the “Make a Loan Payment Online” link. Please note there is a $5 fee to pay this way and you will need to know your loan account number.

Bill Pay from another financial institution

You can set up your Verity loan payments through Bill Pay at another financial institution. To set up the payments, follow the Bill Pay instructions at your other financial institution. Please note you will need to know your loan account number and the payment will not post immediately, so plan to submit the payment in advance of the due date.

In person at a branch

You are always welcome to visit your nearest location and make a payment in person. If you do not have a Verity branch nearby, you can also visit another credit union location that participates in Shared Branching. Please note you will need to have photo identification and know your account number in order to use Shared Branching. 


To find out your loan account number, refer to your loan documentation or statements. For security reasons, your full account number is not visible in Online Branch.

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Member Service Center.