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New card choices, improved technology, enhanced rewards.

You asked for an improved credit card program, and we listened. 

Starting June 21, 2020, Verity will offer a choice of two cards for personal use: a rewards card, allowing you to earn points for cash back or travel, and a non-rewards card, which features a lower rate. 

Plus, we'll still offer a card for businesses that features the rewards program, giving business owners a way to get a financial return as they're spending.

All the new cards feature contactless chip technology, making your transactions quicker and more secure. And best of all? There are no annual fees.

Visa Signature Rewards credit card image    

Features of Verity’s new credit cards:

  • Contactless chip technology, allowing you to tap to pay at many card terminals.
  • Enhanced rewards program – Signature Rewards cards will earn 1.5 points for every $1 spent. Redeem points for cash back, travel, merchandise and more.
  • New credit card app, giving you greater control over your card.
  • Updated design, with card number and cardholder name on the back of the card.
  • All the protections and peace of mind that come with a Visa card. 

Important actions to take:

  • Download the app: Enjoy enhanced card controls with the new Verity CU Credit Card app, available for Apple and Android devices. Once registered, you can make payments, turn your card on/off, set travel alerts, dispute charges and more. 
  • Re-establish payments: When we move to the new program, any scheduled or automatic payments will not transfer over. You can set these up again starting June 21, 2020.
  • Update payment address: Please update your records and any Bill Pay settings to the billing address shown on your next credit card statement.
  • Update card number anywhere it is stored: Save some time and use the "update payment card" feature in Digital Banking to update your card number with many national and online retailers. 
  • Digital wallet updates: If you use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay, you can now add your card and start using it.

Current cardholders are receiving communication about how these changes will affect their cards. Continue checking your email, mailboxes, and this webpage for updated information.

If you have questions about your credit card or how this change impacts you, please call us at (206) 440-9000 or (800) 444-4589.