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We believe in socially responsible banking.

What does that mean exactly? Well, it’s when good leads to good. Like, when YOU compost and plant a garden, and WE give you a solar loan. Or when YOU support your local store or restaurant, and WE give the owner a small business loan.

That’s just the beginning of what we can do together when you bring your good to our good. Let’s start a cycle of goodness and find out what we can do when we bank responsibility.

Our promise to the planet. And the people.

People: we actively promote social equity and empowerment

For strong and vibrant communities to exist, there must be social justice, equity and empowerment for everyone in the community. We can’t say that we build vibrant communities and allow discrimination to continue to exist.  

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Planet: we invest in positive environmental change

A healthy and sustainable environment is critical to a community’s well-being. Verity is committed, through its actions and advocacy, to combat climate change and promote a healthy ecosystem for all. 

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Prosperity: we create sustainable economic security

Verity believes that all people should have access to affordable housing and the financial tools to allow them to provide for their basic, essential needs. Lack of affordable housing is at the forefront of our actions around sustainable economic security. 

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I have used Verity since 2008 and can’t say enough good things. I went into the Ballard branch today because of a check ordering issue (check company sent to a wrong address). The manager took care of everything—stopped all those missing checks, refunded the check fee, let me know that they will print checks 12 at a time for you for free, and all with a smile. Now I don’t have to get a new account and change all my auto-pays. I pay businesses and individuals online in a snap, get my ATM fees refunded, and always get a quick response online via chat or message. Great place to do business! 

-Dana B.

Good leads to good.

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