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Verity consumer debit and credit cards can be used with Apple PaySamsung Pay and Google Pay.

Enrolling is easy! Click the link to your desired program and follow the instructions to add your Verity card to your digital wallet.

What makes these digital payment platforms different than traditional payment methods? Your card number is never shared with the merchant and is not stored on your phone. Instead of transmitting a credit card number to a payment terminal or app, these platforms send a temporary token that verifies the transaction. Each transaction requires you to authenticate the purchase.

After you add a Verity card to your digital wallet, you will receive an email from Verity confirming the addition. The email may take 1-2 business days to arrive.

Note: Samsung Pay and Google Pay support Verity business credit cards but Apple Pay does not. All three Pays support business debit cards.

If you are having difficulty adding your Verity card to your digital wallet, please use our online chat service or call us at (800) 444-4589.