Enrolling your Mobile Phone


How It Works

The enrollment site allows you to manage your “mobile profile" including:

• Enroll in Mobile Banking
• Update your profile (by returning to veritycu.com/getmobile).
• Add an additional phon
• Remove a phone
• Temporarily disable/re-enable a phone or change their phone details (carrier or phone number)

Enroll into Mobile Banking now by following the instructions below :

Add Phone

Select add phone

Add or Remove

• Select your mobile carrier
• Enter your 10 digit numeric phone number (including area code)
• Accept the Terms and Conditions. Note: Selecting “Printer Friendly Version” will print the entire “Terms and Conditions.”


Click on the checkboxes for the features you would like to activate. You can select Text Banking, Mobile Banking or both. A few simple instructions below the activation page will help you complete your activation.