There are two main ways to grow your wealth — spend less or make more. We know you can't cut every cost, so check out these options to earn extra income.


Banking Journey

Cartwheel Checking

Qualifying accounts earn a high interest rate and ATM fee refunds.

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Dollar for Debit

Earn cash for using debit card in the first month your account is open.

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Wealth Management

Meet with a professional and discuss your long-term financial plans.

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Certificates of Deposit

Pick the term length and let your money work for you while you save.

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Journey Gold Credit Card

Earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards, travel, merchandise and more.

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Points on Plastic

Use your Verity debit or Journey Gold credit card to earn rewards.

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Referral Incentive

Refer friends and family and both enjoy bonus points when they join.

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Savings Account

Put your money aside and withdrawal whenever you need it.

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Securely save for your future.

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