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At Verity, we enhance members' lives by creating trusted relationships, empowering members' financial lives and promoting strong and viable communities. Come join us and take the next step in your career.

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We Believe…

Trust is earned each day.
Learning is lifelong; it never stops.
People come first, before the bottom line.
Community engagement propels us forward.
Teamwork is the foundation of our success.


Our History

Verity Credit Union was first chartered in 1933 as Postal Employees Credit Union #8, making us one of the oldest credit unions in Washington state. Our name changed several times over the years, but our focus remained on serving government employees. In the early 2000s, we changed our name to Verity and expanded our charter to include anyone who lives, works or worships in Washington.

Since our founding, Verity has embodied the credit union cooperative principles. For much of our existence, this has meant providing tailored support for our members when they faced challenging situations, including government shutdowns or layoffs.  Even with an expanded charter to serve all of Washington, we remain focused on helping our members in their times of need. For example, when the Great Recession impacted our membership, Verity added financial counselors to our staff, providing service and hope to our members who were struggling.

Verity is classified as a mid-size credit union. We provide all the same product and service offerings of a large institution while remaining truly personable. We offer multiple branches around Puget Sound, as well as full-service mortgage and investment services.

Brand Connection

Our Brand

Did you know Verity is a real word? It means, “the state or quality of being true or real,” and we chose that name for a reason.

At Verity Credit Union, focusing on the truth is a main priority.  We strive to be a trusted advisor and want people in our communities immediately think of “truth” when they hear “Verity Credit Union.”

How do we do that? We become a unique and integral part of the communities where we have branches. Seattle is known for its great art and music scene, and this culture is a deeply held value by the residents in the area. So, Verity partners with local artists and musicians to help get our message across, while supporting the community.

We ask the artists we partner with to use their talents to express what truth means to them, while referencing either the word “verity” or the “V” from our logo. We use the local art instead of stock images or music to build our brand and help engage the local community at the same time.

Verity is about truth and community.

Credit Union Movement and Principles

About Credit Unions

Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives. This means that after covering operating costs, earnings are distributed to their member-shareholders — often through lower rates on loans, higher earnings on deposited funds and more affordable service fees. Every individual who has an account at a credit union is a member, which means they are also a shareholder and entitled to the benefits of membership.

Credit unions help strengthen communities worldwide and follow a set of international operating principles that help guide governance decisions and set high standards for operations. The Principles can be categorized in three areas:

  • Cooperative Structure
    • Member Owned
    • Member Controlled
    • Democratic Control
  • Service to Members
    • Financial Inclusion
    • Financial Sustainability
    • Maximizing Member Economic Benefit
  • Social Responsibility
    • Financial Literacy
    • Network Cooperation
    • Community Responsibility
    • Global Vision

Learn more by viewing the World Council of Credit Union’s International Operating Principles.