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We can tell you all the reasons we think Verity is a great place to work, but all companies do that. Instead, hear from our employees why Verity is an exceptional place to work.

"If I tried to list all of the reasons I think Verity is a great place to work, the list would never end, but I think it comes down to two essential things: the friendliness and approachability of everyone from tellers to the executive management team; and Verity's willingness to invest in their employees both as employees and as people. I can come to work every day knowing that I will be heard and I will be valued, and that makes all the difference in the world.
– Member Consultant

"I’ve grown tremendously as a leader and as a person during my tenure at Verity Credit Union. The organization truly values professional development and continuous learning, and provides opportunities to help employees grow. With help from the education subsidy and encouragement from my team, I’ve gone back to school to finish my degree, discovered a career path I’m truly passionate about, and this year, I completed my SHRM-SCP certification. But I know a lot of places offer tuition reimbursement programs, so what makes Verity so special? When I consider what has kept me here I keep coming back to one thing—it is the incredibly smart, talented and motivated people around me who challenge me to be better each and every day. I thrive in an environment of teamwork and collaboration, with a dose of healthy completion, and I get that here. I appreciate the people who challenge me to take risks, consider different perspectives and achieve my full potential. It doesn’t hurt that they are all super nice too." 
– Director of Human Resources

“I have been in Banking for a little over 5 years and this is the first job where my employer/managers treated me like a person instead of a number generator. The work-life balance definitely makes a difference and shows how much they truly care. There are so many things to talk about how this company has changed my life but one thing that I look forward to taking advantage of is all of the training and opportunities to advance my knowledge there are.” 
– Member Consultant

I love coming to work every day knowing that I’ve got a great group of people cheering me on, ready to help me succeed! We are all working towards the same goal: being the best we can be and improving the financial lives of as many people as possible.” 
– Member Consultant

"Verity is the most fun and supportive place I have worked. Everyone, from frontline staff to executives, have opportunities to explore new interests and make work exciting and invigorating. Want to work on a special project team? Just have to ask. Want to change your working schedule to better accomodate your family needs? Just have to ask. Want to further your professional career through Verity University? You just have to ask. Have an idea for a way to improve the credit union? You just have to tell someone. Verity staff are willing and eager to band together to create solutions to problems that help everyone involved. Plus we take time to celebrate our successes rather than just moving on to the next item on the to-do list. Verity is the place for you if you like to work hard, play hard and be surrounded by fun and caring people.
– Marketing Coordinator

"As I was looking to get out of retail, I landed on Verity's page and decided to apply. I needed a second job and Verity was one of the many places that called me back. From the start, Verity was different; they seemed genuine and kind. I didn't feel like I was going to work at another corporate place where no one cares about you. During my first day, we did a tour and everyone already knew my name! I was blown away. This was my first financial institution and I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. My managers and peers encouraged me to learn and grow; they saw a lot in me and decided to motivate me and cheer my personal growth. Three short months later, I was promoted and four months after that, I was promoted again. This is a company that truly believes in you and your growth. Everyone you work with is on your team and they all want you to be successful. They strive to make sure you feel supported and encouraged. With an open door policy and transparency, it makes you feel comfortable and truly makes it easy to talk to your managers. Verity really cares about their employees and it shows. At this point, I am going on two years with Verity and as I continue to grow, I know that Verity will continue to have my back." 
– Member Consultant

"I've worked at Verity for the past year and a half and couldn't be happier. During my time here, I've learned so much and have even been promoted twice during what feels like a short time to have been here. I love that Verity really takes into consideration all that you've learned as well as your potential to do well when making decisions about helping to further your career. When I started working at Verity in September of 2018, I had just moved to the Seattle area and found out that I was expecting my son. It sounds silly now, but I was worried what the hiring manager would think about hiring someone who would need to be out in seven short months. Turns out, I had absolutely NO REASON to feel this way. Everyone was thrilled for me and the outpouring of support was overwhelming. I currently work at our West Seattle branch and when I came back from maternity leave, I felt (and still feel) so much support. Coming out of maternity leave can be nerve wracking, but my team made it so easy. When my baby was sick and I had to leave work to be with him, my manager and teammates were extremely understanding and that really puts my mind at ease when dealing with such stressful situations. Bottom line, WORK HERE. This place is amazing and its culture is amazing. You won't find another credit union like it.
– Member Consultant

“Verity is a company that cares about its people. I’ve worked here for six years, and have seen this consistently demonstrated – from the work/life balance and the 37.5 hour workweek (those 2.5 hours do make a difference!), to actively listening to feedback from its employees and taking action to be a better employer each day. Truly though, the focus on employee development – personal and professional – is what makes Verity a best place to work for me. The ways I’ve grown, and the supportive environment in which this growth has occurred, means I show up excited to give my best each day and work alongside some incredible people. I’m proud to work for Verity.” 
– Knowledge Management Specialist