Verity Means Truth


Did you know verity is a real word? It means, “the state or quality of being true or real,” and we chose that name for a reason.

At Verity Credit Union, focusing on the truth is a main priority. Yes, it should be for any financial institution, but we really want to ensure we are living up to our name. And, that people in our communities immediately think of “truth” when they hear “Verity Credit Union.”

How do we do that? We have chosen to be a part of the communities where we have branches in a unique way. Seattle has always been known for its great art and music scene – and this culture is deep at the core of the residents of the area. So, Verity partners with local artists and musicians to help get our message across, while helping the community.

Doing Right by You Is What We Do Best

Credit unions began as a way for local communities to band together for the good of the group. We're getting back to those roots. We invest our time and resources in the neighborhoods where we have branches. At Verity, it isn't about being as big as possible, it's about doing our best for our members and helping our communities grow and thrive.

Shining the Spotlight on Local Talent

To unite "truth" and "community," we asked some local artists to use their talents to showcase what truth means to them in their own medium. Click the links to the left to learn more about our artist partners. 

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We're Serious

This is not a one-time marketing campaign. We will continue to reach out to our communities and highlight artists, endeavors, and ideas.

Verity is in the community, by the community, for the community.