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At Verity, supporting the community is more than just talk. We partner with artists and showcase their talents in our branches, advertising, events and more. The following visual artists have helped Verity showcase local talent since 2015.

Levi is an illustrator, visual artist and graphic designer living in Seattle. His work reflects lifelong obsessions with foreign travel, pop culture, science and history, tied together with fine lines and watercolor. His work can be seen in The Stranger as well as at comic conventions, festivals and galleries across the Pacific Northwest.

Levi partnered with Verity in 2015 to create a commissioned piece inspired by "truth."

"I tried to capture a moment...when you find yourself in a moment when you think it’s one thing but it’s really something else. Seattle has a reputation of being kind of gray and cloudy, but in reality we have days that more often than not are amazing...With this image I just really wanted to capture...what (Verity is) doing with the communities and hopefully they’ll find amazing beauty and truth in their backyard."

Jesse was born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, PA. He graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and studied graphic design at West Liberty University. He also fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom and spent a couple years in New Orleans helping the post-Katrina reconstruction effort. He relocated to Seattle in 2007 to pursue visual arts as a career.

Jesse partnered with Verity in 2015 to create a commissioned piece of art to represent "truth."

"I see it as an instrument that would be used in a ceremony to manifest truth. I wanted to approach truth from a spiritual perspective and show it as something that is ancient and that can be conjured."

John is a contemporary painter, muralist and illustrator who grew up in Edmonds. He graduated with a BA from Washington State University with a minor in fine arts. He has murals all over the Pacific Northwest and has exhibited in several local galleries.

John partnered with Verity in 2015 as one of the first two artists commissioned to create pieces inspired by "truth."

"The lady justice was inspired by Italian statues and their patina. The first thing I thought of was someone holding truth and justice. So that’s where this piece came from – trying to hold the justice. You can see the truth, that’s the first cup, and the one behind it is justice."

Matthew is a classically trained visual artist who specializes in painting and drawing. He was born and raised in Atlanta and attended Georgia State University before moving to Seattle in 2011. His muse is the city as he sees it from the bus or walking around. Matthew depicts Seattle through geometric landscapes, with the goal of presenting an image that provides depth, movement and intrigue. See more of Matthew's work on his Saatchi Art page

Matthew partnered with Verity in 2016 and was commissioned to create an original piece. 

"Every day I take the C Line bus home to West Seattle. The ride is one of my favorite parts of my day, because on certain evenings the light of the sun setting is simply splendid. You zig-zag through the buildings and over bridges. You are propelled through so many elements of what the city has to offer. From mountains to museums, Ferris wheels to sports arenas, it's a powerful journey home."

Saba is a Seattle-area painter who focuses on the human figure and finding the beauty in a moment, no matter how short the moment is. Through her work, she conveys ideas about contemporary issues and questions about identity and culture, particularly those issues pertaining to women. 

Saba partnered with Verity in 2016 and was commissioned to create an original piece. 

"Our community is a many faceted diamond of cultures and traditions. We are all connected by the location we reside in even if we didn't all start here. The arms reaching out symbolize the members of our community being met by other members of our community. The arms are clasping for help and being met with strength. The central figure is split into four, showing that multiple moments of outreach are happening. The colors help signify that as well...where the heads overlap in the middle, there is a burst of light to signify that the foundation of all relationships and community - is trust."

Pam went to school for illustration and bounced a few times on her way from her childhood home in New Jersey to her new home in Seattle. She enjoys using her powers for good from time to time, as well as painting, drawing, playing drums and reading book-things.

Pam partnered with Verity in 2015 and was commissioned to create an original piece. 

"Though many things are hidden, the natural world offers up nothing but the truth. Many times what is seen isn’t all there is, sometimes you need to prod, observe, explore. It's not always easy to get to the fundamentals of something and I think the relationship we have studying and interacting with the natural world is a great representation of the complexity of that."

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