Matthew Pritchett

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Matthew is a classically trained visual artist who specializes in painting and drawing. He was born and raised in Atlanta and attended Georgia State University before moving to Seattle in 2011. His muse is the city as he sees it from the bus or walking around. Matthew depicts Seattle through geometric landscapes, with the goal of presenting an image that provides depth, movement and intrigue.

Matthew Pritchett original artMatthew partnered with Verity in 2016 and was commissioned to create an original piece. 

"Every day I take the C Line bus home to West Seattle. The ride is one of my favorite parts of my day, because on certain evenings the light of the sun setting is simply splendid. You zig-zag through the buildings and over bridges. You are propelled through so many elements of what the city has to offer. From mountains to museums, Ferris-Wheels to sports arenas, it's a powerful journey home."

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