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Katie_Kuffel-2242Katie Kuffel broke into the Seattle music scene in 2016, wowing audiences with her unique sound. Not quite folk and not quite blues, Katie creates a contemporary sound with her piano and vocals that supports her poetic lyrics.

Katie is classically trained in cello and began composing music at an early age after her family inherited an upright piano. Her songwriting explores community, feminism and personal experiences as an advocate against sexism and violence. She also spearheaded the Fremont Abbey Sessions, a community-driven music and video recording project to highlight Seattle’s musicians and spaces.

When not performing solo, Katie joins bandmates Jordan Wiegert (drums) and Jon Robinson (bass) to create music combining soul, pop and blues. The group is released their album “Take it Up” in October 2018.

Katie Kuffel joined Verity’s list of featured musicians in 2018, writing a song about community.

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