Jupe Jupe


video-jupejupeJupe Jupe is a Seattle quartet that creates mournful pop music with synthesizers, pulsating beats, crooning vocals and guitars. Jupe Jupe is made up of My Young on vocals and synthesizers, Bryan Manzo and Patrick Partington on guitars, and Jarrod Arbini on drums and percussion. The group is influenced by British new wave, ghost-town Americana, and 60s European spy films, giving their songs a dark yet movement-inducing quality.Buttons_BecomeAMember_330x70

Jupe Jupe has released three albums – “Invaders,” “Reduction in Drag,” and “Crooked Kisses.” The group can be heard on KEXP as well as college radio stations across the U.S. and Canada. Jupe Jupe partnered with Verity in 2015 as one of the first four music groups to be featured.


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