E.R. Saba

E.R. SABAButtons_BecomeAMember_190x110

Saba is a Seattle-area painter who focuses on the human figure and finding the beauty in a moment, no matter how short the moment is. Through her work, she conveys ideas about contemporary issues and questions about identity and culture, particularly those issues pertaining to women. 

Erika Saba original art

Saba partnered with Verity in 2016 and was commissioned to create an original piece. 

"Our community is a many faceted diamond of cultures and traditions. We are all connected by the location we reside in even if we didn't all start here. The arms reaching out symbolize the members of our community being met by other members of our community. The arms are clasping for help and being met with strength. The central figure is split into four, showing that multiple moments of outreach are happening. The colors help signify that as well... Where the heads overlap in the middle, there is a burst of light to signify that the foundation of all relationships and community - is trust."

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