What's New


We are making several changes to provide better products and services for you, our members. 

Credit cards

Effective January 1, 2017, we are changing the following fees:

  • Annual fee removed on Journey Gold and reduced to $15 on Platinum Passport 
  • Foreign transaction fee removed on all credit cards
  • Over limit fee removed on all credit cards

The changes affect both new and existing credit card accounts.

Signature Membership program 

After a thorough review of the program, we discovered it wasn't providing the value across the membership that it once did. Therefore, the program is being discontinued as of January 1, 2017.

But, the following perks from the program are now offered to all members!

  • Free corporate checks
  • Free sheets of in-house printed starter checks 
  • $15 annual fee on Platinum Passport credit card

While corporate and starter checks are free, cashier's checks and money orders are now $2 each -- please review our updated fee schedule.

Points on Plastic

New in 2017 is a redemption option for cash back! You can have the money deposited into your savings or checking account, or have it applied to your Journey Gold credit card. If you choose the credit card option, the cash back counts towards your monthly payment, but you are responsible for ensuring the payment was made in full. 

We are also ending the debit portion of the Points on Plastic program this spring. 

  • You can keep earning points with your debit card through February 28. Remember, you can earn 1 point for every $3 spent in non-PIN transactions.
  • For members without a Journey Gold credit card, you can redeem your points through May 31.
  • Any remaining points in accounts without a Journey Gold credit card will be erased after the redemption period ends.

Want to keep your points? Get a Journey Gold credit card before May 31! Not only will you keep your points, you can earn points three times faster than you did with your debit card.