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Cheri L. found Verity after hitting a rough patch. The single mom was struggling to make ends meet and was paying 24% Annual Percentage Rate on a car loan. A friend suggested checking out Verity and she was beyond thrilled with her initial experience—she refinanced her car at 12% APR and was able to get a credit card with a small limit so she could start rebuilding her credit.

“Verity gave me a chance so I could start over,” she said.

And start over she did. She started working with Verity’s personal financial coach, Charnell, and also began building a new home for her and her kid through the Housing Hope program. Housing Hope helps get people into homes by having them work together to physically build the new residences. For two years, Cheri spent almost all her free time working on her new home, putting up walls, installing windows, laying roof shingles and more.

While building her house, Cheri continued to meet with Charnell, and still continues meeting with her to this day.

“Meeting with Charnell was the motivation to get me going and then it was up to me to do the hard work,” Cheri said. “I still struggle, but Charnell keeps me on track. And when she does check in on me, it reminds me she’s there for me, Verity’s there for me. It makes me realize I do have a support team.”

“Verity is awesome and I can’t say enough about how great Verity is and how they’ve been there for mine through the good and the bad.”

Jeong W. came to Verity when he and his family were needing an auto loan to buy a new car.

"This (Verity staff member) helped us out unlike anyone else we have come to meet and I am very thankful that we met this person, we need more people like her. Because of this I am now thinking of making some other accounts with this (credit union) and hopefully even buy a house later. The trust I have in this company and its customer service is amazing. The hustle and the mass amount of care the people in the business brings to their customers is amazing.”

Tara M. has been a Verity member for decades and turned to the credit union when she wanted to refinance her home.

"Working with (a staff member) and the entire Verity team was an absolutely delightful experience. Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable about the services they provided and guided me through every step of the way. They answered all of my questions and were always available whenever I needed help. In just a few short weeks, everything was done and I was able to take the payout from the refinance to update my old, outdated kitchen and floors to make my home more energy efficient, livable and someplace I'm eager to show off to my family and friends. I use Verity for all of my banking and financial needs and can't imagine ever wanting to go anywhere else. I've been a customer for over 20 years and they've always stood with me. I'm a Verity member for life!"

Trish Y. discovered Verity several years ago when she hit a financial rough patch and Verity was the first financial institution to offer to help. So last year when she and her family came up with a unique idea – buying a multi-generational house with the mortgage in the name of two 90-something-year-old sisters – she knew Verity was the place to go.

“Time was not on our side – with people this age, you need to make things happen quickly,” she said, commenting that other financial institutions were making the pre-approval process difficult. “We’ll start a race ladies… I can just about guarantee Verity will not only come through first, but they will have the lowest rate or match it.”

After working through the complex loan, Verity was able to get the family into their new home. And Trish was thrilled that throughout the process, she knew she was talking to people who were familiar with her situation and who were based locally.

“The patience Verity had in addition to the unique situation (we had) and the ability to make the services work for us… was amazing,” she said. “Even though a lot of services you offer are comparable to other credit unions… the shining star for you guys has been doing things differently and embracing the diversity of people’s needs.”

James M. has been a member of the credit union long before the name Verity was on the horizon.

“They can do everything a bank can do and better... I’ve never had any bad experiences with Verity’s staff. They’ve been very good. And I’m not just saying that – I mean that.”

“Verity is very good about getting in there and handling in it… If I got someone that really wasn’t sure how to handle the problem, they would go to someone else to ask them. They’re just there to help you.”

“We always have been happy with Verity. When (we) got a truck last year. I contacted Verity first and got pre-approved, and then went to the dealer and said, ‘Meet or beat this.’ They couldn’t beat the rate so you carry our truck too... We’ve been very pleased to have our checking, savings, home mortgage and auto loan with Verity.” -- Melinda A.

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This Seattle-based pediatric audiologist came to Verity Credit Union for a car loan. What she got was so much more. Listen as Caitlin shares how Verity showed her that with local banking, she truly matters.