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Cooperative communities who dream boldly.

Enhancing members’ lives by building trusted relationships and vibrant communities.

Trust is earned each day.
Learning is lifelong; it never stops.
People come first, before the bottom line.
Community engagement propels us forward.
Teamwork is the foundation of our success.

As a Verity member, your voice is heard. Our management and member-elected board of directors are easily accessible and want to know how the credit union is doing. Since there are no stockholders, Verity directs all "profits" toward providing better products, services and rates for you. That's the credit union difference. 

Verity Credit Union was first chartered in 1933 as Postal Employees Credit Union #8, making us one of the oldest credit unions in Washington state. Our name changed several times over the years, but our focus remained on serving government employees. In the early 2000s, we changed our name to Verity and expanded our charter to include anyone who lives, works or worships in Washington.

Since our founding, Verity has embodied the credit union cooperative principles. For much of our existence this has meant providing tailored support for our members when they faced challenging situations, including government shutdowns or layoffs. Even with an expanded charter to serve all of Washington, we remain focused on helping our members in their times of need. For example, when the Great Recession impacted our membership, Verity added financial counselors to our staff, providing service and hope to our members who were struggling.

Verity is classified as a mid-size credit union. We provide all the same product and service offerings of a large institution while remaining truly personable. We offer multiple branches around Puget Sound, as well as full-service mortgage and investment services.