Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Zachary S. Gose, Chair
Benjamin Lundell, Vice Chair
Karen Hunt, Secretary
Rodolfo Hurtado
Anthony Kusske
David Priestly
Dan Strandy
Trina Venard
Dan Young

Supervisory Committee

John Carpenter, Chair
Steve Andersen
Rodolfo Hurtado
Alan Randell-Chen

You may send correspondence to the supervisory committee at the following address:

Supervisory Committee
P.O. Box 75974
Seattle, WA 98175

Board Associates

Farnell Akingbala
Eric Esteban
Evan Gay

Verity Executive Team

John Zmolek, CEO
Justin Martin, Chief Operating Officer
Jason Hirl, Chief Technology Officer
Heidi Cleveland, Chief Marketing Officer
Tina Narron, Chief Lending Officer
Brad Tanberg, Chief Financial Officer

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If you would like to contact the board members or the supervisory committee, please send an email to

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